JUNE 24, 2019


Inaugural Congressional Delegation Planned for Fall 2019


Washington, D.C.: The Israeli-American Civic Action Network, the nation’s only Israeli-American advocacy organization, has announced that the first ever Israeli-American led Congressional delegations to Israel will kick off Fall 2019 through its 501(c)(3) charitable affiliate; the Israeli-American Civic Education Institute. The unique program pairs members of Congress with Israeli-American constituents from their district, to see, experience, and connect with Israel, providing a deeper, broader, and more personalized experience.

“Our vision has been to establish an unequivocal support organization for Israel and for Israeli-Americans, moving away from the ‘all-talk and empty promises’ approach of some organizations, we are dedicated to taking concrete action in support of our pro-Israel agenda,” said Sigal Chattah, ICAN National Board member and Nevada State Chair. “A vital part of that plan is for Israeli-Americans to take our elected leaders to our homeland, to Israel, the place of our heritage.”

Members of Congress will walk the Golan with an Israeli-American constituent who served in the IDF and patrolled the same area as a soldier, experience Shabbat dinner at their family home just outside Jerusalem or visit Ben Gurion University where an Israeli-American constituent graduated with an engineering degree before immigrating to the United States.

The inaugural Israeli-American led Congressional delegation to Israel, sponsored by the Israeli-American Civic Education Institute, is planned for this upcoming Fall 2019.

“My family are Israelis who immigrated to the United States, Israel and America are in our blood, and no other community can express that relationship, share that experience, and serve as a living bridge between America our home, and Israel our homeland, better than Israeli-Americans,” said Vered Elkouby Nisim, ICAN National Board member and California State Chair. “Here in the United States, we’re a strategic asset for Israel, we’re the best ambassadors.”

Upon returning to the United States, and after cultivating strong relationships with members of Congress in Israel, our communities of Israeli-American activists are prepared to closely follow Middle East policy developments in Congress, provide perspective, and fully engage on relevant legislation.

The Israeli-American Civic Education Institute will announce Israeli-American led delegations for Congressional staff, state and local officials, and community leaders in the coming months.

For more information, visit the Israeli-American Civic Education Institute at Institute.IsraelUSA.org.