Israeli-American Civic Life Survey

Critical Survey for Jews and Israelis in LA area to have a stronger voice in local affairs that impact your business and family. Take 4min and fill in this survey. The data will be used to make the case for Zionists and Jewish communal issues.

Calling all Jewish & Israeli-Americans in the LA area: This survey is for you!

How important is Israel to you? What issues are you most concerned about?

As the Israeli and Jewish population in the U.S. grows, their focus isn’t just on Middle Eastern politics. Day-to-day issues that affect their children at school, their spouses at work, or their family at home often emerge as the most pressing priorities.

In order to gain a better understanding of the Jewish and Israeli community in the United States, we’re launching a dedicated survey, beginning with Los Angeles.

Are you Jewish or Israeli and living in the LA area? This is more than a call to participate — it’s an invitation to shape understanding!

Dive in, share, and help us better understand the Jewish and Israeli American experience.

Your Privacy Matters to Us

We understand that the topics covered in this survey may be sensitive for some respondents. Please be assured that:

  • Anonymity Option: You have the choice to complete this survey anonymously. Your personal information is not required unless you choose to provide it.

  • Skip Questions: If you encounter any questions that make you uncomfortable, you have the option to skip them and proceed to the next question.

Your comfort and privacy are important to us, and we are committed to ensuring a respectful survey experience for everyone.

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