Empowering Israeli-American Activists and American Pro-Israel Advocates: Join the Israeli-American Civic Education Institute Today

Civic Education

This program offers both online and in-person educational activities focused on civic engagement. Participants learn about the democratic process, community involvement, and effective communication.

U.S.-Israel Veterans Advocacy Training

This program brings together Israeli-American activists and American pro-Israel veterans who served in either the United States or Israeli militaries. It provides training on how to advocate for Israel, covering topics such as policy analysis, communication skills, and legislative process.

Women's Leadership Initiative

This initiative focuses on training Israeli-American activists or American pro-Israel women leaders. It offers educational resources and networking opportunities to help women become more effective in advocating for their communities.



From Capitol Hill to the Knesset: A Comparative Study of Two Legislative Systems


Discovering Your Influence: Why Your Voice Matters in American Civic Life