Israeli-American Civic Life Survey

Empowering Our Community Through Data-Driven Insights

2023 Announcement

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The Israeli-American Civic Life Survey is an innovative research initiative led by the Israeli-American Civic Education Institute. This study is designed to gather comprehensive, data-driven insights on civic engagement and participation among Israeli-Americans.


The primary objectives of this survey are:

  1. To quantitatively assess the current state of civic engagement among Israeli-Americans.
  2. To identify barriers to civic participation through statistical analysis.
  3. To inform the development of targeted advocacy education and training programs.
  4. To provide policymakers and community leaders with actionable, statistically-valid data to shape future initiatives.

The survey employs a quantitative approach, utilizing structured questions with predetermined response options. This design allows for the collection of data that can be easily quantified and statistically analyzed. Direct Polls, a leading survey and research firm, has been a key partner in deploying the survey, with a focus on optimizing the reliability and validity of the data collected. Additionally, 972 Education has provided linguistic expertise to make the survey bilingual, available in both English and Hebrew.


Respondents are assured of confidentiality, with the option to skip any questions they find uncomfortable. This ethical consideration aims to ensure a higher response rate and more reliable data.

Strategic Partnerships

The Israeli-American Civic Action Network (ICAN) has provided invaluable strategic advice to align the survey with community needs and expectations. Media partners Shavua Israeli and i24 News have been engaged to amplify the survey’s reach and impact.

Partnership and Grant-Making Opportunities

The data collected will serve as a cornerstone for future civic engagement initiatives, offering a rich resource for academics, policymakers, and community leaders. It will also provide potential funders with a robust framework for evaluating the effectiveness of community programs aimed at increasing civic participation.

We invite stakeholders interested in fostering civic engagement within the Israeli-American community to consider contribution and collaboration opportunities in this pioneering initiative.

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