The 14th Amendment | Constitution 101

What is the 14th Amendment and how has it been applied throughout history? Jeffrey Rosen, president and CEO of the National Constitution Center, explains the structures of the amendment and the different #SupremeCourt cases that shaped its application. Rosen also examines the central role that the 14th Amendment has played in the struggle for civil rights and its importance to racial equity. #Constitution101 This video is part of the NEW Constitution 101 course and curriculum. Teachers, check out “The 14th Amendment: Battles for Freedom and Equality” unit of the full 15-week curriculum: For the self-guided course and related videos, visit: For more educational resources on the 14th Amendment, click here: Subscribe to the National Constitution Center on YouTube: Follow the National Constitution Center on social media! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Sign up for our newsletter:—7rRBAsT4f5B7IV2UbsNZFPIVvYFY1ZtLK4zENNfTuda3Z_WJBoefPS8mnvM8KMyfAOq4